Citizens Funeral Services - “An affordable service of Dignity and Honor for every Family…”
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     When families are faced with the task of burying a loved one, they should work with a Funeral Director who is professional, cost effective and willing to do whatever it takes to give them the meaningful, memorable experience that they desire and deserve. A lot of work goes into to what a Funeral Director does and at Citizens, we do not promote our business as a low priced alternative to other long-established businesses. We promote our business on the premise of quality and care …a place where families in need can feel confident that their loved ones will be laid to rest in a manner that will allow them to grieve the loss of their loved one and celebrate their life without the added worry of affordability.

   Mr. Edward E. Washington, FD-2735
                General Manager

All too often, families discount the value of ceremony after the death of a loved one, and we certainly don’t want you to make that mistake. Coming together after a loss is a very essential part of the grieving process.  We at Citizens believe the gathering with friends and family gives everyone the opportunity to share memories, express emotions, and find comforting support. Whether you choose burial or cremation; whether you select a formal funeral or a more relaxed memorial service, the need for acknowledgment of the loss with family and friends is ever present. We can help you create a unique meaningful ceremony to express the genuine individuality of your loved one. We offer families a beautiful setting in which to come together to honor your loved one. But, you may certainly choose to celebrate their life in a more unique setting. No matter where you decide to gather together, such a service will make a difference in the lives of all who attend.

Our Focus

     All of our attention is devoted to making our services the best they can be in terms of satisfying the needs of our friends and neighbors.  We are not distracted nor bound by corporate mandates.  We’re more flexible and responsive to your personal needs.

Our Sincere Desire

     Our desire is to maintain the highest level of integrity in all that we do for you and your family.  You can be assured we take great personal pride in keeping you and your needs first.  We are proud to serve you and seek to always provide the highest quality of personal and professional service.

Our Commitment

     It is very important to us not to not only serve your current needs, but to build a relationship that will encourage you to allow us to serve you in the future.  We are proud of our long-term commitment to the families we serve throughout the State of California. At Citizens, whatever your choices, whatever your tradition,whatever your budget, we remain committed to doing what ever it takes to properly care for your family.

     Our services are available throughout the entire State of California 24 hours a day. We look forward to speaking with you and appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family.

      Ed Washington, General Manager